The 4 Step Coaching Method

At the core of the Combat Performance Coaching system is our unique 4 step coaching method of Measure, Analyse, Enhance and
Monitor. The 4 step coaching method combines practical training and coaching methods, along with in depth measurement and analysis to create a principle based coaching method that can be universally applied to enhancing the striking performance of any
athlete or practitioner from any style of combat sport or martial art.


The first step is to measure an athlete ‘baseline’ or current level of performance in the 3 key striking performance areas of power, speed and endurance across a range of striking techniques to create a Combat Athlete Profile.

All data is logged within the coaching software database against multiple parameters to allow for continued analysis and performance monitoring.


The second step is to then analyse an athletes performance. We do this working both from the data collected within the software to create their unique Combat Athlete Profile whilst also performing visual performance analysis on an athletes striking technique and form.

Identify strengths

Identifying strengths enables
athletes and coaches to analyse effective body mechanics and technique. These techniques can also be used tactically to maximise success in competition.

Identify areas for development

Identifying areas for
development allows coaches to
provide targeted technical
coaching, skills development
and strength and
conditioning regimes to
accelerate improvement.

Assess power symmetry between left and right side of the body

Addressing imbalances in power can enhance an athletes ability to adapt in competition.

Power to weight ratio

Performance indexes reflect
an athletes power to weight
ratio enabling coaches to
compare performance on
athletes of different weights.
This is important for
assessing how efficiently an
athlete uses their body
weight to generate power
within a technique.


The third step is to apply targeted coaching to enhance performance, we can do this specifically to areas we have identified in step 2 using the Combat Athlete Profile dashboard. In this step we can apply coaching in 3 core areas:

Technical striking principles

At the core of our coaching system are 10  striking principles that are universally applicable to all strikes from any style of combat sports and martial arts. The principles break down strikes in to their component parts allowing coaches to focus on improving particular aspects within a technique.
For example if an athlete lacks kinetic
energy or impact power within a
specific technique we apply specific
coaching principles to specifically
address each of these.


Skill and tactical development

The skill and tactical development drills are specifically designed to enhance an athletes ability to land strikes effectively through improved distancing, timing, combinations, counters and evasion.

We will always look to build upon an athletes personal strengths, helping them to maximise their chances of success.


Strength and conditioning 

Coaches can then plan and perform targeted strength and
conditioning interventions specifically developed to target:
• Power
• Strength
• Correct imbalances
• Rotation/anti-rotation
• General work capacity


Using our in built history function we can then monitor variations in performance, either within a single session or between two dates. This is particularly valuable for competitive athletes to allow for monitoring of progression through a training camp, highlighting the effectiveness of technical training, strength and conditioning and nutritional programs.

Health monitoring
Regularly monitoring performance becomes an incredibly powerful and invaluable health monitoring tool, as declines in performance can highlight fatigue, the effects of over training and the potential early onset of injury.
The PowerKube 4 step coaching method allows coaches to continually measure and monitor an athletes performance promoting continual technical improvement and addressing of imbalances and weaknesses. This provides invaluable insight and data to achieve and maintain peak physical performance, whilst also monitoring for signs of fatigue, over training and the potential early onset of injury.

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