A Combat Athlete Profile is created through measuring an athletes performance in multiple techniques across the 3 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of power, speed and endurance.

It allows the user(s) to establish a baseline from which to judge performance and progression over months and years. It allows coaches and athletes to monitor overall performance including training methodology, health, specialist trainers and teaching, hypotheses around conditioning and power generation, diet, hydration, weaknesses, and strengths. A CAP® may be used to set standards and norms, individually, or within a group.

Additionally, we then consider an athlete’s weight (as in power/weight ratio), to create a CAP® index for each of the KPI’s, the sum of which allows us to rank a fighter with a single number we call their CAP® rating.

Awareness of CAP® indexes will help increase competition, as comparisons are not limited to a group a style or weight or belt classification. Athletes can effectively compare their performance with anyone at any weight.


Power Index

franklins / weight in kgs

Reflects technical striking capability and ability to efficiently generate power / weight ratio.


Speed Index

franklins / weight in kgs / reaction time in secs

Reflects speed, mental focus, reactions whilst maintaining power.


Stamina Index

franklins / weight in kg (over 25 repetitions)

Reflects ability to maintain power endurance, technical striking ability and mental focus over time.


What is a CAP rating?

A CAP® rating is made up of 5 techniques with the power, speed and endurance rating being an average of the best 5 techniques in each category. When measuring MMA athletes or martial artists the CAP® contains 3 upper body and 2 lower body techniques, when measuring boxers the CAP® contains 5 upper body striking techniques.

The significance of an athlete’s CAP® rating is not to be underestimated, as for the first time, we can now rank every fighter in the world on a pound for pound basis.

A Combat Athlete Profile is completely bespoke to a combat athlete and reflects their overall striking performance across multiple techniques irrespective of style.

Regularly measuring and monitoring the 3 KPI’s allows you to finitely:

• Monitor health and spot signs of fatigue and over training, signs of     potential injury
• Accelerate technical ability and efficiency
• Monitor progression through a training camp
• Instantly identify strengths and areas of development

• Provide targeted strength and conditioning programs to address weaknesses and imbalances
• Provides a benchmark for injury recovery
• Measure the effectiveness of strength and conditioning interventions, nutritional programs, coaching methods and training practices.

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