Powerkube BXR

The PowerKube BXR is specifically designed for boxing gyms and those looking to measure and track performance in upper body striking techniques.

The PowerKube BXR is fully adjustable on height and angle allowing you to measure the full spectrum of techniques including straight punches, hooks, uppercuts and overhands.


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The PowerKube can help you to:

• Measure and track performance in striking power, speed and endurance.

• Provide athletes and members with bespoke training programs.  

• Accelerate technical striking ability and optimise performance. 

• Monitor performance through a training camp.

• Benchmark performance within a weight class.

• Monitor health and identify fatigue and the early onset of injury.


Powerkube BXR package includes:


  • PowerKube 
  • PowerKube BXR station - Fully adjustable wall mounted column (height 80cm)
  • 24” Touch screen monitor 
  • Combat Performance Coaching software
  • Monitor wall mount 
  • Online training and user guide 
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