PowerKube is the worlds leading measurement system specifically designed to measure and analyse striking power across all upper and lower body striking techniques in the combat sports and martial arts.

The PowerKube has been developed through pioneering research and in consultation with a range of sports scientists, professional combat athletes and martial artists to accurately measure and analyse striking performance in the combat sports and martial arts.

The PowerKube itself is a tactile striking pad which incorporates our unique controlled compression technology (CCT) which effectively controls the compression of the pad up to 12cm, making it suitable for measuring all strikes, from a light strike through to the hardest strike a combat athlete can deliver.  

Built within the PowerKube is our unique impact analysis technology which in conjunction with our custom built coaching software and touch screen user interface provides instant feedback on performance to create a fully interactive coaching and training solution.

Using the precision data captured by the PowerKube, along with our comprehensive coaching and training programs you are able to measure and track every element of an athletes striking technique and performance.

What does the PowerKube measure?

The PowerKube accurately measures an athletes's striking ability in the 3 key striking performance indicators of
power, speed and endurance.



PowerKube measures Impact Power, in watts (W) Kinetic Energy in Joules (J) and human force in franklins (f) .




Reaction time from an audible and visual trigger to the peak point of impact is displayed in seconds.  




Endurance is measured over a series of 25, 50, 100 repetitions with results being displayed in a visual bar graph.


A world beating combination of validated science, engineering integrity and proven results has seen the PowerKube installed in the UFC’s prestigious multi-million dollar Performance Institute in Las Vegas.
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“PowerKube is a great way for an athlete to improve their punching, kicking, knee and elbow power, which are some of the most important parts of mixed martial arts”
Forrest Griffin, VP of Athlete Development at UFC Performance Institute

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