We help combat athletes and martial artists reach peak physical performance in striking power, speed and endurance.

If you’re a professional coach, combat athlete, or martial arts practitioner the ability to accurately
measure and monitor all aspects of performance is critical to achieving success
whether in the octagon, in the ring or on the mat. We provide the solution.



The PowerKube is the world’s first technology based coaching system for combat sports and martial arts. For the first time ever cutting edge developments in science, technology and coaching now offers professional combat sports training facilities, martial arts studios, boxing gyms and commercial gyms the ability to accurately measure, evaluate and enhance all aspects of striking performance.

The PowerKube is available in 4 core packages as well as bespoke solutions for your gym or organisation.

Our online Combat Performance Coach Hub provides coaches and gyms with 24/7 access to all of the coaching and business processes you will need to deliver a range of new and exciting coaching services to your athletes and members, either within an existing training facility or as a stand alone business model. 

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Using cutting edge developments in science, technology and coaching we can help you to:

• Measure, evaluate and enhance performance in striking  power, speed and endurance
• Provide athletes with bespoke training programs 
• Accelerate and optimise technical striking ability and efficiency
• Improve reaction speed 
• Monitor and evaluate an athletes performance through a training camp
• Monitor health. Identify the effects of over training, fatigue and the early onset of injury 
• Provide a benchmark for rehabilitation 
• Gain an edge over the competition
• Succeed

“PowerKube is an integral part of our diagnostic capabilities here at the UFC Performance institute. Measuring and assessing striking characteristics is critical for determining performance standards in UFC fighters.”
Dr. Duncan French, VP of Performance at UFC Performance Institute

What is Combat Athlete Profiling?

Combat Athlete Profiling is our unique ability to accurately measure and display a combat athlete or martial artists performance in striking power, speed and endurance across all upper and lower body striking techniques. Using our custom built coaching software we are now able to display performance in a personalised profile.
A Combat Athlete Profile is completely bespoke, so regardless of what style of combat sports or martial arts you train in your profile will contain your chosen techniques and be personal to you.

All ratings encompass power to weight ratio meaning you can compare your striking performance to all other athletes or martial artists regardless of weight.

Sound exciting?

How do we do it?

At the Combat Performance Centre we deliver a proven 4 step coaching method designed to accelerate all aspects of your striking performance in the shortest possible time.

Step 1: Measure

The first thing we do is to create your bespoke Combat Athlete Profile. This involves measuring your performance in the 3 key performance indicators (KPI’s) of striking power, speed and endurance over a range of striking techniques.

(For MMA athletes and martial artists we combine upper and lower body strikes, and for boxers we measure upper body strikes only.)



We measure and display the key measurable components of a strike:

Impact power
Measured in watts. This measurement reflects the speed related initial impact.

Kinetic energy
Measured in joules. This measurement reflects the penetrative and destructive component of a strike.

When combined the Impact Power and kinetic energy form a compound unit of Human Force called the franklin (f).


We measure the reaction time in seconds from an on screen visual and audible trigger to peak point of impact, whilst simultaneously capturing the human force in franklins, along with the speed index.


Power is measured over a series of 25 repetitions
to reflect endurance. The average Impact power,
kinetic energy and franklins is displayed alongside
an on screen visual bar graph.


Step 2: Analyse

Analysing your results we are able to instantly identify your:

  • Strengths
  • Areas for development

Step 3: Enhance

Targeted coaching is then applied specifically to areas highlighted in our analysis in 3 core areas:

1. Technical striking principles
2. Skill and tactical development
3. Strength and conditioning


Step 4: Monitor

Once we have established your baseline or current level of performance across all 3 KPI’s this then allows us to monitor all aspects of your performance over time, thus allowing you to constantly refine your striking and work towards achieving and maintaining peak performance.

What people say

“PowerKube is a great way for an athlete to improve their punching, kicking, knee and elbow power, which are some of the most important parts of mixed martial arts.”

Forrest Griffin
VP of Athlete Development at UFC Performance Institute

“Since using the PowerKube, the students at the University of East London have been able to understand the quantitative and qualitative data produced by generating force when striking in combat sports. The University of East London highly recommends the PowerKube to all combat sports clubs and organisations. ”

Lee Brown MSc BSc CSCS
Sports and Exercise Scientist, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Sports Science Lecturer in Human Performance and Coaching, Research Fellow at University of East London

Are you a commercial gym chain, combat sports training facility, coach or fitness professional?

If so PowerKube provides you with an incredibly exciting opportunity to capitalise on the growing trend of combat sports participation.

Mixed martial arts continues to rise as the fastest growing sport in the world. Supported by global commercial sports brands such as the UFC and One Championship there is a huge opportunity for commercial gyms, combat sports brands and fitness professionals to capitalise on this continued growth through providing their members with the latest exciting innovation in combat sports training technology. The PowerKube Combat Performance Centre system offers you a unique opportunity to increase revenue in to your existing business through introducing an exciting new range of combat sport themed training programs and services.

• Increase revenue
• Provide bespoke training programs and services
• Recruit new members
• Retain existing members
• Track performance of your member
• Become an industry leader
• Create a unique business proposition in your area
• Host seminars, workshops, and training camps.

PowerKube is available in a range of packages, providing a
bespoke business solution for your training facility, gym or organisation.

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